Outdated, incorrect, incomplete, scattered data on your school, fraternity, sorority, or club alumni?

GradRoster cleans up your membership data, and keeps it clean, providing you with a single source of truth for your organization.

GradRoster is fast, affordable solution for private schools, individual organization chapters, or regional / national organizations.


We obtain your data from existing digital rosters and spreadsheets, as well as physical rolls / yearbooks.


We create a structured single file, bringing together overlapping records while eliminating duplicates.


We scrub data for accurate phone numbers, physical & email addresses, nicknames, and occupations.


We will safeguard your data as recordkeeper, maintaining a source of truth, as an optional add-on.

Simple pricing.
up to 1,000 existing records
+$2.95 each add'l record

Simple process.
Receive a clean file in 14 days
Additional time required
for physical records entry

Our work pays for itself with a single gift to your organization or campaign.
Real people, with a proven process, to help you reach your alumni with certainty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different than other providers? No other provider has clear pricing, definitive turnaround times, and specializes in just one thing: cleansing alumni databases. Every other provider focuses on selling CRM software or other solutions; we are the easy button.

Who does the work? Our US-based account managers will directly work with your organization's point of contact to complete the project. Our experienced team in Manila, Philippines will follow our process to consolidate and clean your roster.

What data improvements can I expect? Identification of deceased individuals; identification of LinkedIn profile URL; current employer and role information; updated physical address with estimated home value; updated mobile phone number with iMessage capability flag.

How reliable is the output? If we're not able to improve, modify, or consolidate 50% or more of your input records, we'll discount our pricing by 50%.

No one cares more about your organization than your alumni.
Get in touch with them by getting in touch with us.